Thang Long Security is one of the reputable pioneering company in the field of providing security services to ensure safety, absolute assurance for our partner.

Ha Noi - Thang Long Security Service One member Company Limited, transaction name is Thang Long, is licensed by Hanoi Authority for planning and investment and General Police Department for Administrative Management of Social Order (bureau code: C64)

Full name: Ha Noi - Thang Long Security Service One member Company Limited

Short name: TSSC

Business license No: 5200403284

History of foundation

Since Vietnam joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) on November 7th, 2009, its economic situation has made many positive changes, at the same time the regulatory environment has created more favorable and transparent administrative procedures, and the current law has had provisions for investment incentives to create the most favorable conditions for attracting domestic and foreign investments. In addition, Vietnam also has become an attraction of tourist and culture for international friends. In this context, security and safety guarantee should be reinforced and further improved to reach the professionalism, creating a peaceful Vietnam, a healthy environment for organizations and individuals to develop well in their activities. Along with the progress and development, complicated situations such as theft, robbery are occurring unpredictably, which tends to increase, making people wondered, worried, restless to produce and work; becomes pressing social problems, adversely affects the environment for investment and socio-economic development cooperation and current security and order guarantee. In addition to the anxiety of authorities at all levels, the formation of many security companies is also to protect and partly help to build the social order and safety. Before such opportunities and challenges, HANOI - THANG LONG® SECURITY SERVICE COMPANY LIMITED was formed as an inevitable maturation of those who are full of enthusiasm and energy to be devoted to the society and personal development.

Since 2009 to now, our company has more than 1000 security guards, bodyguards are selected carefully following standards as good morals, be trained, have experience in the protection. Futhermore, our office staffs also professionally trained undergraduate, masters from prestigious schools, the quality of domestic and foreign.


PROFESSIONALISM, CONFIDENCE, ACCURACY, SAFETY, EFFICIENCY, THRIFTY, LOYALTY - DISCIPLINE of THANG LONG STAFF (by strict selection and background verification) is the main motto of the company.

With a staff of Leaders and Commanders with many years of experience in the field of professional security, Thang Long Security Service Company will always make the best commitments to customers. The management orientation of Thang Long Security Service Company is to be streamlined, efficient and fast.

Therefore, HANOI - THANG LONG® SECURITY SERVICE COMPANY LIMITED has been always becoming an indispensable partner of businesses, organizations and individuals during the cause of industrialization and modernization of the country and the international economic integration.