Candidates will be selected in accordance with a strict process with following steps:

1. Filling in forms issued by the Company including:

- Certified copies of Identity Card, Family Record Book.

- Curriculum vitae and conduct certificate (Certified by public security in the locality where the candidate lives).

- Medical Certificate (Including blood, drug and infectious disease tests).

- Job application, diplomas and certificates under the regulations.

2. Implementing preliminary selection among application forms by the Company.

3. Organizing interviews by the Company.

4. Attending professional training course held by the Company.

5. Apprenticing in actual targets by candidate.

6. Being on probation.

7. Assessing working capacity of candidates to sign the official labor contract and candidates enjoy enough benefits of an employee.

With the above mentioned steps, staffs will be trained in the company within at least 01 month (for the staff excellently completing the curriculum), including curriculum-based training programs, one-month internship in target and graduation tests. During the intensive training period in the training center, the trainees continue to be carefully monitored, assessed their personality, thinking skills and career orientation prior to becoming professional security guards. In addition, during the working period in the targets, the professional and mobile departments will organize special training sessions to improve skills and professions for the staffs.


Selection and training are carried out according to the following standards:

- Men and women: 22 years old and above (in case of being less than 22 years old, it is required to be have stately gait).

- Height of 1.67 m and 1.56m and above and weight of 60 kg and 46 kg and above for men and women respectively.

- Education level: High education and above. With some important positions needing to speak foreign languages, it is necessary for security guards to have certificate of foreign language and good communication, satisfying all customer needs.